WATCH Chris Brown’s Tribute to AKA, Freestyling on his Run Jozi beat. 🔥🎶

The hip-hop community has been divided due to a video of rapping on ‘s Run Jozi beat going around on Twitter. The video was filmed when Chris was freestyling on Power 106 FM and showcased the American singers’ considerable rapping skills. While many fans commended him for his talent, other disputed the video claiming it was a fake.

The video came out as died on February 10th in Durban and many thought Chris’ freestyle might have been a tribute to the rapper.


had been a major influence on the US singer and many fans believed Chris was honoring the rapper. On the other hand, other hip-hop heads claimed the video was not genuine and instead of freestyling to ’s beat, Chris was rapping on ’s Studio. They argued that Chris was merely repeating a prewritten rap verse from his song Remember Me with Tyga.

Rap fans react to video of
@LATOYA_double_R said:

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“He’s so good.”

@ZTikina wrote:

“This is too much.”

@Mpumieloves commented:

“The beat was added on, it’s not the original one he actually rapped on. Worse ke, this isn’t even a freestyle, it’s a verse from his song Remember Me ft from the Fan Of A Fan.”



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